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5 Time Management Tips for Busy Professionals

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Are you trying to be more productive with your life? Do you feel that every year is getting worst? Are you losing control about your time? Do you think everyone else is the priority on your life?

You are busy, and you are used to get busy in a way that is part of you, it feels like you cannot change it. But at the same time, you don't feel happy, you spend all your time placing everyone else, you feel you don't have time for yourself anymore. You don't know other people that actually have time for their selves because everyone is so busy with work, commute, traffic, home responsibilities, children's, school, social commitments, and more...The years pass by, and you don't see improvement, so you just accept it, this is You now.

I felt the same way, I gave up. I felt overwhelmed, I had a hard time managing my corporate job performance, 3 hours community, the house responsibilities, my 3 kids and their sports. I felt I never had time for myself, I needed more hours a day, I could not sleep or ever relax for 10 minutes, I could not improve myself either, because I kept telling I had too much on my plate I could not take more, I lost my purpose. One day my body suited down, doctors recommended to change my lifestyle, this was a final warning, I had to do something different. I could not find the help I needed from friends, family or others, so I started coaching myself.

I discovered by using the time to learn new ways it was the key. Dedicating time to myself it was important for my family and for me. Learning more about wellness, practicing different sports, sleeping more and eating a healthier diet allowed me to find my purpose. I mastered the way to manage my time, my job, my family, and I enrolled in college again! Today I am successfully finalizing the second year of Master Science in Mental Health Counseling, something I thought to accomplish 10 years ago, I finally did it. The journey to get here it was not easy, but I made it work with discipline, sacrifice and commitment.

How did I become more efficient in the past years? Let me share with you my transition and how I worked for me.

Tip #1 - Change your self-talk.

Change the way you talk to yourself, stay positive and open to new possibilities. Stop procrastinating, because it doesn't help you when you are telling yourself and everyone around you: "I don't have time for anything, I never have time for myself, I have too much on my plate, I can't learn, I wish I had time for me, everybody is feeling the same, so it is normal". When you set your mind into a positive talk, you discover you attract positive things and positive people.

Tip #2 - Open yourself to a change.

Sift your mind to possibilities, find the way to learn, observe those that already mastered the skill and try what it works for you. When you think you can't change because your circumstances, you will never make progress. Open yourself to new options, new processes, if other people can do it, what is it stopping you? you may need to sacrifice something, but when you make the decision to progress it is worthy, you will feel in control.

"During my commute from work I listened podcast, videos and audio books. Discovering what experts said about the time management and how to be more effective opened my eyes and I learned from their experiences". Nuria Jackson

Tip #3 - Plan and get organized.

Picture your vision, picture your annual calendar, the quarter, the month, the week, the daily activities and start writing down your events, your meetings, trips, vacation, time for yourself, time to learn, time for sport, dates with your loving one. Write everything that involves you, from professional to personal life. You can write it down on your phone, or an App or in a journal that you keep in your nightstand. Just make sure wherever you write it down you will know where to find it, so you can check out. Make yourself accountable for your own vision, plan how to achieve it, organize your agenda so all your important goals are included. If you defined those goals months ago it is because you went through the process of thinking what it was important for you, and you thought you could accomplish it. Believe you can and you will.

Tip #4 - Set your Vision and your Why.

Find your vision and your why, define your path. You can start defining goals from big and follow by small goals or tasks, but make sure you do not forget the big picture, your vision, your purpose. There are many ways to do it, many goals you can build, just make sure they are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-based, so you can put them into action. And make sure you remember yourself why you are doing it, that reminder will help you to pursue your goals.

" I start writing down my vision, my goals and check them daily. I try to include everything that it is important for me and that will allow me to continue growing as a person and will help my purpose in life. For example, some of my 2023 visions were: find a new skill, learn it and start practicing, why did I think about this? because I need constantly to progress and improve myself. It took me some months to find out the skill I wanted to develop, now I practice it every day, my new skill it was meditation. Another of my visions I started 2 years ago it was to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, there is a process and steps that will take me 3 years. So, for this year my success it will be to accomplish the 2nd year of the Master I initiated in 2022. Family became one of my priorities, so it is important for me that my kids and my husband are healthy mentally and physically, have fun and enjoy their lives, so one of my goals focus on traveling with them, enjoying and doing fun outdoor activities in a weekly basis". Nuria Jackson

Tip #5 - Set time for yourself.

Schedule time for yourself, a break that will help you think about what you really want to accomplish, write it down and repeat it, so it will become a habit. When you design your dreams, when you really think about your purpose and pay attention to yourself, you open your path to your destiny.

It is important to reflect, it is key to dedicate time to improve yourself and continue growing, so you can succeed in any challenging time of your life.

If you would like some more guidance in how to discover new ways and how to challenge yourself, you can contact me at

By Nuria Jackson,

At Nuria Wellness

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