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Welcome to My World!

My name is Nuria Jackson, in Spain they know me as Nuria Lorenzo Perez as well. I was born in a small town in the south of Spain called Tijola. A small village located in a mountain landscape of ravines and pine forests. There are evidence of prehistoric settlements dating as far back as the fourth millennium BC. The town has a history of ancient roman, Al-Andalus period and surrounded to the Catholic Monarchs in 1489.

I have good memories in every corner of that town, from my childhood to my early adulthood years that it helped me to become who I am today.

In High School I had some challenging years finding myself, discovering my path. I did not accomplish what it was expected, and it caused me anxiety and depression. I felt hopeless and with a constant fear to failure over and over in my life. My academic challenges locked me with negative thoughts, I use to think I was not loved, trusted by anyone. When teachers recommended to drop high school and not to try anymore, because I will never finish it or make it to college, I transformed myself to a positive mind thinker, because I was, I am, and I will be a "forever dreamer".

I wanted to prove everyone they were wrong! I could find the path to become myself, and nobody else opinions. I wanted to improve, I wanted to have a successful career, to live a happy life, I wanted to show the world that I could do it. I had a dream. It took me six years to finish High School, but I did it and I was accepted in the University of Almeria to study Psychology, and I graduated four years later.

I discovered I could do anything I wanted to, anything I set for myself, I will not listen negative thoughts or advises. I will always trust my instincts and work hard to achieve what I believe. I started an internship in a company close to my townhome, I worked hard and proved myself as a professional in Human Resources. I built a family, got married, few years later I had my first son, and I had some challenging times combining motherhood, family and work expectations. After some years trying to grow, I was missing an important skill -speak another language, English -. I decided to use my free time to learn, my vacation to visit another country, but it was not enough. I had to challenge my status quo and leave my comfortable life with my young son, his father and embark in an adventure to a new country, leaving everything we knew behind and focus on improving our future. The company I worked with offered me a transfer role in Houston, TX. We accepted the challenge and moved there. The first year it was not easy, adapting to a new culture, learning a new language and struggling with money because we had to maintain two lives (one house in Spain, a small apartment in Texas). It was more challenging when we decided to file for divorce and continue working and living in the US. Of all the challenges I had in my life, I believe that was one of the breakdown moments, feeling alone, with no close family, friends and struggling in my relationships. But again, I approached life with a positive attitude, I read, I study and learned how to live and survive that moment, especially with my son. I learned that career is not everything in live, this moment it helped me to discover that I was in the wrong path, I could not follow a professional career and leave relationships, love behind.

Sometime later I found the love of my life in Texas, his family and children became part of my life, so today we have five children, managing three at home every day. We moved to Florida, and I had some challenges managing work expectations, commute, managing a big family, so stress and anxiety got me again in 2018. I had to listen the doctors this time, I had to change my lifestyle and look more for myself. I found the time to practice more sport, I learned about healthy habits, healthy diet, I started feeling better psychically, but I felt lost professionally. I found my purpose again three years ago when I decided to pursue a new career advocating for Mental Health, after applying different universities I started a master's degree in Mental Health Counseling, that I continue today. I learned how to manage my time in a monthly, weekly, daily basis, so I can dedicate time to myself first, my family and my purpose. I improved my mind and my body; I lost 40 lbs. and today I feel younger than 20 years ago.

I started a well-being business, because as a Life Coach I understand the challenges we may face in different moments of our lives, my mission is to support you on those moments and create an impact that will help you to transform it to opportunities of growth.

I would like to share on these posts what I have learned, what I am discovering and provide you a guide that will help you to unlock yourself and to challenge your status quo, because I believe when you do so great things happen!

Are you ready to challenge your status quo?

Contact me at

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